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Canine friends are welcomed in our hotel but there are some rules to follow, apart for the usual ones (microcip, vaccines, insurance, collecting stools, not leaving them alone in a closed room and giving them a lot of love!).

  1. Every pedigree and size is welcomed
  2. Inside the hotel dogs must be always on the leash
  3. Inside the rooms dogs must not sit on the bedcover or cause damage to the furniture
  4. At the restaurant dogs, even small ones, must not sit on the chairs
  5. At the restaurant, dogs must be all the time under the table. Waiters and guests must walk freely around the tables.
  6. The dog owner must ensure to avoid stressful behaviour to the dog and cause prolonged distress associated with long and loud barking
  7. Our policy is to decide if a dog can be accepted into the hotel or not when the dog behaviour is considered not suitable to share common areas with our guests

A dog owner is responsible for the food bowl, a blanket and all other things needed for the wellbeing of the dog, and it is never the dog’s fault!