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Sport vacation on the lake at Hotel Nettuno

Thanks to its constant winds, Lake Garda is known all over the world for sailing, wind- and kitesurfing, as well as the speciality foilsurfing.

The two main winds on Lake Garda are the Pelèr and the Ora. On a normal day, the Pelèr blows from north to south early in the morning and gives the change to the Ora, which blows from south to north, in the late morning. The Pelèr is a strong wind that spreads well and increases in intensity as it moves south. The Ora, on the other hand, is a regular wind of medium strength in Brenzone, which becomes stronger towards the north.

Vento sul Garda - Autor: Angela Trawoeger


In Brenzone sul Garda there are many kitesurfing schools that not only offer rental services, courses for basic and advances levels, but also a transfer to where the wind is best. The transfer consists in a crossing by boat, the fastest way to enjoy kitesurfing, accompanied by an expert who will bring you back to shore at the end of your trip.

The schools are located near the hotel, very close and easy to reach is the sport center Acquafresca, only 700 meters from the hotel, along the lake shore going to the north.

Kitesurf sul Lago di Garda - Autor: Angela Trawoeger


The best conditions to learn windsurfing are in the morning, when the Peler decreases, or in the afternoon, when the Ora rises.  In Brenzone you can start from any beach and there is absolutely no lack of schools.

Worth mentioning is the Gardasurf Center in Castelletto. The center rents equipment and organizes windsurfing, sailing and stand-up paddle courses with German-speaking staff.

If you like particularly strong winds, the best place for windsurfing in Brenzone is the beach of Assenza, located in front of the island of Trimelone, 1.5 km from the hotel. On particularly windy mornings, or after a strong thunderstorm, this beach has a tense but less gusty wind than Malcesine.

Windsurf sul Lago di Garda - Autor: Angela Trawoeger

Regata di Windsurf sul Lago di Garda - Autor: Angela Trawoeger


Apart from the fantastic wind conditions on Lake Garda, sailing is part of our tradition and culture here. The deep rootedness of sailing here is certainly due to the good work of the sailing club, which every year plans important regattas, organizes summer camps for children and teenagers, bringing sailing closer to the youth of the region. 

Optimist Vela Lago di Garda - Autor: Angela Trawoeger

Brenzone has two sailing clubs:

  1. The Acquafresca Sports Center.
    Individual lessons and group courses for all levels on dinghies and cabin boats
    Acquafresca sports center, 700 meters north of the hotel
  2. the Brenzone Sailing Club
    Sailing courses for children, teenagers and adults, for advanced, professionals and beginners
    In Castelletto, 3 km south of the hotel. 

The sailing schools and charter companies we recommend are:

  1. Go Sail
    Sailing boat rental and excursions with skipper
    At the picturesque port of Castelletto, 3 km south of the hotel
  2. Fitzcarraldo
    Sailing courses for beginners and training for dinghy sailing
    Lake shore between Porto and Magugnano, 1 km south of the hotel
  3. Gardasurf & Sail
    Sailing courses and equipment rental with German speaking instructors
    In Magugnano, 2,5 km south of the hotel

Vela sul Lago di Garda - Autor: Angela Trawoeger

Reagata sul Lago di Garda - Autor: Angela Trawoeger


If you are interested in motorboat rentals, you can contact the following address:

  1. Nautica Tre di Cuori
    At the picturesque port of Castelletto, 3 km south of the hotel
  2. Go Sail
    At the picturesque port of Castelletto 3 km south of the hotel

All schools, clubs and rentals can be reached directly from the hotel, on foot or by bike, along the lake promenade and the bike path.

Stand-Up Paddle and Canoe

During your Lake Garda vacation you should try canoeing at least once, you just need to know ho to swim and have some balance. Stand-up paddle and canoe are two autonomous crossover sports, good for your shape and anything but boring, allowing you to explore the shores, harbors and hidden corners of the villages of Brenzone overlooking the lake from a very suggestive perspective, accessible only by water! 

Sup sul Lago di Garda - Autor: Angela Trawoeger

For beginners, it is best to leave in the late morning, as soon as the winds change, or towards evening, when the Ora from the south decreases.

To book courses and rent stand-up paddles or canoes - even two-seaters:  

  1. The sports center Acquafresca
    700 meters north of the hotel
  2. Gardasurf & Sail
    In Magugnano, 2.5 km south of the hotel